Welcome to The Offical Website of EXA Lab

EXA Lab is a team that currently develop application for android platform only. Currently we have a main developer which write the programs and maintain this website (which is me).


From Now on (18 Febuary 2019), we will start using this website to write our development event, what problem we face and what we planning to do.

📖 10 March 2019

For me, Android development is pretty fun, sometimes I code the apps to the late night, sometimes testing something new but cause a wild mess, or maybe something seems impossible work well, and sometime a finding it is a mess after coding some part, so I have to revert it from history in IDE. For me this is the fun part and best way to spend my time, seeing users giving good review make me really happy, and bad review tell me how to improve my app, and if you have problem, I am willing to help too. But somehow, it is a little annoying about the accursing and misleading review, which I don’t know how to answer, but yeah, there are any kind of people in the world, fortunately not much.

📖 10 March 2019

Long time ago, when the highest Android version is Lollipop, and most of the Android device ram won’t higher than 3GB, it is hard to think about, running something that require high ram consumption such as GNOME or KDE. However time has changed a lot, in today world, most of the Android device come with 4GB ram, so it is time to change, I will start to experiment about running HEAVIER DE on AnLinux distro, this include GNOME, KDE, and maybe, Cinnamon, this is the spoiler for next month release, stay tuned :)

📖 27 Febuary 2019

Working on translation and new release of AnLinux, which is a pain in the ass, I need to move all the text in .java file to strings.xml, and pack new BackBox distro, however it will be release soon, stay tuned.

📖 18 Febuary 2019

I bought a new phone on 7 Febuary 2019, because my old Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime is broken. The new phone is the Global Mi 8 Lite, everything is awesome, Processor, GPU, Audio, and price is cheap too. But still have a little drawback, unlocking Bootloader required 360 Hours of waiting (This really surprise me). It is somehow annoying for me who develop root required apps. So, the development proccess would be pause for a while, until 23 Febuary 2019, sorry for any inconvenient caused.

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